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True Ten Industrial Co., Ltd.

True Ten Industrial Co., Ltd.
True Ten Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Vacuum Dryer

    Vacuum Dryer

  • Vacuum Freezed Dryer

    Vacuum Freezed Dryer

  • Multi-Function Low Temperatuee Cool Wind Dryer

    Multi-Function Low Temperatuee...

  • Micro-Computer Vacuum Freeze Dryer

    Micro-Computer Vacuum...

  • Large Space Low Temperature Cool Wind Dryer

    Large Space Low Temperature...

  • Industrial Cooling Weter System

    Industrial Cooling Weter...

  • Air Conditional Dehumidfier

    Air Conditional Dehumidfier

  • Combination Cooler and Freezer by Various Sizes

    Combination Cooler and...

  • Laboratory Type Freeze Dryer

    Laboratory Type Freeze...

  • Hot Wind Drying Machine

    Hot Wind Drying Machine

 About Us
The company was established in 1964. Specialized in providing services and solutions of low temperature drying facilities as well as our another manufacture item: shoes-making machinery.
40 years experience in the related industry enables us to manufacture total series low temperature drying equipment including experimental type which can manufacture high quality dried products.
We take a particular pride in our innovative approach and the flexibility to solving the problems of our customers.
True Ten always endeavor to develop the advanced equipment. You would surprise find some very new technology innovation that are occurring in the area of drying field, if acquire your visit ours.
Granted, economical prices, durable, quick retrievable profit from investment. All True Tens series dryers are built in our ISO 9001 registered facilities to meet the most exacting current good manufacturing practices (GMP). Our machines lead us enjoy excellent reputation. True-ten Inc. not just sells dryers. We take great pride in being able to offer a complete service from the initial enquiry, through design and manufacture to installation and commissioning. Even then, our service doesnt stop. We offer regular maintenance and a spare parts service to ensure that your equipment remains in peak condition. Please check our whole product series list to see the range available. Alternatively, if you cant see what you require, please contact us, we can actually offer an extensive range of equipment satisfied you efficiently.
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True Ten Industrial Co., Ltd.


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