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In the vacuum freeze dryer, moisture sublimes directly from the solid state to vapor, thus producing a product with controllable moisture, no need for cooking or refrigeration. The process is first to freeze the water content in the ingredients into solid form, and then store in a vacuum sealed space, let the ice changes to vapor in the closed environment and capture it by freeze equipment. The process is completed until the ice content drop below 3 to 5% to reach a higher value. The designed full-liquid type low temperature control with the vacuum pump is able to generate adequate energy. The machine also features a heating and cooling media which makes it convenient to operate.


True-ten vacuum freeze dryer is especially effective for heat sensitive materials and allows for closed system benefits. Products made by our equipment will preserve purity and enzyme activity, maximize nutrient retention, and not spoil color or other aesthetic characteristics are maintained.

Type YK-118-50 YK-118-100
Dimension(cm) 180x115x185 Could be designed by your needs
The quantity of tray 7 20
Tray size(cm) 64x64 x3 64x52x3
Compressor power 5RT/two-staged 10RT/two-staged
Vacuum pump 2HP/two-staged 3HP/two -staged
Power Consumption 8.5 KW 15 KW
Heat shelf temperature range -25°C ~70°C±5°C -25°C ~70°C±5°C
Condense temperature -55°C±5°C -55°C±5°C

Vacuum Freezed Dryer

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