Built-in Fruit and Vegetable Washer

Vegetable Washer

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Products Name: Built-in Fruit and Vegetable Washer

Features Specifications:

1) Ultimate food purifying system
2) Clean, fresh and pure
3) Simple, controlled, food washing system
4) Provides safe, effective and consistent results
5) Small, visible and removable washing basket
6) Without detergent and disinfectant
Why do you need vegetable and fruit washer?
Food-borne diseases cost the USD37.1 billion per year. Nearly 33 million cases of microbial food-borne diseases recorded in US each year. Over 9,000 food- borne disease related deaths each year (National Center for Health Statistics) 2-3% of all food-borne diseases may cause secondary long-term illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations per year are due to food-borne diseases. Difficult to determine food handling methods before arriving at your business or home inspectors are in constant conflict between standards enforcement and flow of goods.
What can vegetable and fruit washer do for you?
1) Establish protocol for reducing microbial contamination during food prep
2) Minimize harmful bacteria and pesticides
3) Improve and help to maintain fresh appearance and taste
4) Extend product shelf life
5) Reduce product liability risk and expense
6) Lower water consumption and cost
What does vegetable and fruit washer offer?
1) Easy to use, one touch operation
2) Stack ability for increased capacity
3) Portability
4) On-board diagnostics display
5) Remote system diagnostics
6) Uses standard 18 x 26 x 6" colanders
7) Total purification cycle of only five minutes
How does vegetable and fruit washer work?
Vegetable and fruit washer utilizes activated oxygen, commonly called ozone, or 03, to naturally oxidize bacteria and fungi on food surfaces. If youve ever noticed the clean, fresh & pure smell in the air after a thunder storm, youve been acquainted with the natural anti-microbial effect of ozone. Bacteria such as salmonella, E-coli, listeria giardia and cryptosporidium are killed on contact.
The ordination process that takes place inside a unit is more effective and up to 3,000 times faster than purification by chlorine and will not harm the environment.
How effective is vegetable and fruit washer?
In independent efficacy testing, the vegetable and fruit washer demonstrated the capability to achieve a 99.999% kill rate on various fruits and vegetables. For more information on vegetable and fruit washer and how it can benefit you and your family or business, please contact us. Vegetable and fruit washer is a patented
1) Water inlet pressure: 0.03 - 0.78MPa
2) Water capacity: 4L
3) Washing capacity: 8L
4) Rated power input: 30W
5) Rated voltage and frequency: 220V, 50Hz
6) Washing weight:
a) Leaf: 0.5kg
b) Rhizoma: 1.5kg
7) Dimensions: 305 x 305x 260mm
Outer packing:
Carton dimensions: 420 x 360 x 370mm
N.W.: 2.4Kg
Qty/20 FCL: 736pcs
Qty/40 FCL: 1480pcs
Qty/40 HQ: 1480pcs

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Zhongshan Eastech Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

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Various home appliances

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51-100 People

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North America
Eastern Asia
Western Europe




Jianye Road, South Shenghui Industrial Zone, Nantou Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China






Mr. Qin Xin, Ms. Linda Dai
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